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Which of these 3 coolers for LGA 1366?

Hi i am planning to buy a decent cooler for my Core I7 950(LGA 1366) and i wanted to know which of these three coolers are best on a LGA 1366 setup:
1-cooler master hyper 212 plus
2-Tuniq tower 120 Extreme
3-Deep cool ice matrix 600

thanks in advance
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    Are you looking for a cooler for overclocking, or just to keep your hardware cool?

    Which motherboard and case you have? Some coolers won´t fit in some boards and some cases.

    Keep in mind that the board/case dimensions are very important elements to considerer before getting a cpu cooler.
  2. no i am not planning to oc my mobo is Gigabyte X58-usb3 and my Case is Tuniq 3
    my case width is 20 cm which is enough for most coolers but mobo i am not sure of

    my case:
  3. If you don't plan to OC then you don't need an aftermarket cooler.

    The cooler master is an often recommended cooler.
  4. but with stock cooling under load my cpu temp goes above 80 i want it to remain in 60's
  5. Have a look at the hyper 212 plus dimenssions and see if it fits your case and mobo. i took one and temps dropped 20C
  6. it seems that hyper 212 plus will fit just out of curiusity what is your spec?
  7. ASUS P6T | CPU i7 920 | CM Hyper 212+ | GPU HD 5870 | Patriot Viper 12GB 1600MHz @ 1333MHz | HD WD 1TB Sata II | DVD Pionner Dual Layer | Corsair 850W | Aerocool BX500 | AOC H428Pw 42\\\" + LG W2353V 23\\\" | W7 64 Bits | HT-C350 Sangung
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  9. just bought zalman cnps 10x performa now after one hour of occt highest temp is 75 degrees thanks for quick answers
  10. You are welcome!
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