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Sentinel advance, Lachesis, deathadder, or wait for the imperator? I cannot test the mice before buying because stores here in the philippines doesnt allow that. im just judging based on the looks and specs.
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  1. I think Razer Death Adder takes the cake in performance and price! Its probably the best.
  2. most important thing for me is that it feels good in my hand.
    i once had a sidewinder in my hand and i will never touch it again!

    most gaming mouse give a good enough DPI that you can adjust to your wishes.

    personally i have an ikari laser from steelseries, a great mouse!
  3. It should mostly be based on feel, which is something that varies a lot person to person. I love my G9.
  4. sentinel ftw
  5. Logitec G5; Retired my Deathadder because of that baby.
  6. Love my Logitech G5! Cord is kinda jacked up on it (the braiding came off) but other than that it has survived a VERY rough life and still feels like new.
  7. ^ that's one of my concerns about the sentinel, it's braided cloth cable. will it last the lifetime of the mouse?
  8. razer deathadder bang for the buck..
    if u hav cash go for the ikari its awsum!!
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