Overclocking problems, help needed!


I have been using google with my matter, and always ended at this site. So I'm thinking I might find help here.

I have Asus M5A78L-M and cooler Zalman CNPS7X. Processor is Phenom II x3 720 (Note, this is not black edition! so multiplier is locked)

Past few days I have been going into bios and back and testing and back. Well I'm able to get into 3,6 which seems stable. At least prime95 runs nicely couple hours, no problems.

Current settings in bios:
CPU reference clock 260, so im at 3,6ghz and vcore 1.4.
NB frequency 2340mhz.
vdram 400mhz and everything else on "auto" (I needed to lower vdram frequency, otherwise I had fatal error in prime. I might raise this a little bit later to see if it works)

This settings seems to work fine. My cooler temps are only at 44,5c when prime runs, so no problem here.
I was thinking that I could go a little up, but if I start raising my CPUrc, for example 265, I will crash when I use prime. I can raise vcore 1,45 and same thing occurs. At least last time I tried. Other settings stayed the same.

So I'm little confused, I would not want to go up with vcore, 1,45 is my maximum. And it seems that with these temps I could get into 3,8-4,0. But something makes me crash. Any suggestions?

One thing, when I connected my mobo, I used 20+4 atx cable at 24atx. I powered cpu with cpu-cable that came from my psu. So now I have 4atx cable there sitting, should I use it next to atx20 so I can fill mobo's atx24?

Thanks everybody!
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  1. You need to use the 20+4 pin connector in the mobo 24 pin atx connector and you also need to use the single 4 pin connector from your power supply in the 4 pin mobo slot behind the ps2 connectors.
  2. Yeah, got that right. :)

    Anyway, I'm currently testing my system with prime95.

    Using 260 as reference clock. and 1,45voltage.
    Well it ran an hour and worker 3 stopped and says FATAL ERROR: Final result was D7725F1D, expected: 352BFCCF. Other than that it worked and other 2 worker's kept testing.

    At least I did not bluescreen this time. So I must be closer to stable system. I'm thinking that it's my memory or nb that causes that. And because my memory is set lowest it must be nb?

    Any ideas what should I do. Here is a shot of my bios:

    I have dram timing manual and set to 400mhz. CPU/NB frequency: 2340mhz. And cpu/ht reference clock 260.
  3. Bump anybody?

    I'm currently stable CPU/HT Reference Clock 255
    Cpu ratio 14
    cpu/nb frequency 2300mhz
    cpu over voltage 1,45
    dram timing manual and 400mhz.

    That's it. Running prime95 around 2 hours now, all 3 workers works fine so it seems stable to me. I would like to get 3,7-8. Any luck with that? I know I need to tweak VDDNB or/and HT Link and maybe memory voltage to gain that.

    Any idea how? =)
  4. Yes, you will need to start adjusting the cpu/nb frequency, VDDNB, and change your loadline calibration up to level 1 or 2. I like 2. Little adjustments at a time with the others. Wish I could walk you through it but trial and error is the only way. And remember to watch your temps all across the board.
  5. Which Prime95 test is failing?

    Small fft's failure indicates CPU settings. Large fft's and blend tests indicate problems with memory settings.

    If you set memory freq to 333 MHz, what happens?
  6. I can run prime95 nicely with these settings:
    CPU/HT Reference Clock 255
    Cpu ratio 14
    cpu/nb frequency 2300mhz
    cpu over voltage 1,45
    dram timing manual and 400mhz.

    Just wanted to know if I would go 260-270 with reference clock, I would fail. Very likely blue screen would occur. I would not want to raise vcore anymore, so that leaves me VDDNB and Loadline, but I'm not quite sure how would/should those settings affect. Any explanition on that, especially with VDDNB?

    Thanks guys! :)
  7. jsc I cant set memory lower than 400 with my mobo.

    I noticed my timings in cpu-z memory tab are:
    DRAM Frequency: 514Mhz
    FSB:DRAM: 1:2
    CAS latency CL: 6
    RAS to CAS Delay tRCD: 6
    RAS Precharge tRP: 6
    Cycle Time tRAS: 15
    Bank Cycle Time tRC: 20
    Command Rate CR: 1T

    Memory is ddr3 10600.

    These timings can take 3,6, but if I any over that I will crash bluescreen. Are my timings too low perhaps? And can you suggest VDDNB and Memory voltage for example if I want to go 3,8?
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