First time building. will these parts have any problems with eachother

i have never built a comp before and i was wondering if these parts i have picked out wil all work togehter

cpu- i7 920
mobo- asus p6t
gpu- asus radeon 4870
psu- antec truepower tp-750
memory- corsair xms3 6gb
storage- 1 wd caviar black 640 gb for now. later i want to add an ssd when the price drops some more
case- coolermaster 690
cooler- scythe mugen (i hear it's big. is it too big for the cm 690)
dvd drive- some sony one on newegg.
speakers- logitech x-540 speakers (i'm gonna use the built in sound on the mobo, which i hear is good)
monitors- 2 asus vh242h's or vh236h's
i have a mouse and keyboard

will all of those work well together? and if i wanted to have 2 cards crossfired or sli'ed together in the future, would there be room in the case?

that's all i was planning to buy. is there anything else i need? i know i need thermal paste, but i didn't know if it came with the scythe mugen. also, someone said i might need an 8-pin extneder cable becasue the bottom mounted psu doesn't reach the cpu? will i need one of those? also, someone said the gpu might get loud and i should get a quiet fan blowing to the back? would that be a noticable difference?

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  1. Looks good, it will all work well together. Most Antec cases are bottom mount and their power supplies (especially the newer ones) have cables long enough to reach their sockets. Sound is a pretty subjective thing, i like quiet computers, but i wouldn't take any special steps until you have the system up and running before i started messing with extra fans. Download and use a hardware monitor to keep track of your temps. The CM 690 is a good size case and it will fit all your parts in it.
  2. ^ Hi...Yes those parts will work together...
    But you can get better parts for nearly the same price or even less...

    RAM - Get this has better timings than that Corsair...
    A DDR3 1333MHz CAS 7 RAM is better than A DDR3 1600MHz CAS 9 RAM...
    mushkin 6GB (3 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1333 CAS 7

    Go with this Case + PSU
    It also has enough power for 2 HD 4870 cards in crossfire and the CM 690 has enough space to accommodate 2 cards...

    And as for other concerns,
    It is better to get the 8 pin extender...better safe than sorry...
    As for the GPU noise, that could be handled with fan control in the CCC...
    And adding a fan would increase the airflow, and also noise...
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