Questions before confirming my SSD purchase

I am looking into getting an SSD yet again as I now feel prices are getting to a more sensible point Im considering it a lot more. Im a student so I dont have tons of money to throw away which is why i want to make sure I only get one if I can justify it.

My biggest usage for my PC are
-the office package
-website development (adobe suite, multiple internet explorers, notepad ++ etc)
-listening to music and watching movies.

So I know I will gain on boot times for OS and my programs but will opening files be if i store files on my HDD and not my ssd? i.e. I do a lot of editing in photoshop and have to open many different files at a time. I know id get a speed increase if the files and program is installed on the SSD but what about if the files are stored on HDD?

I will get faster level loading times in games as far as ive read?

Is there any other substantial gains I might get? Ive done quite a bit of reading and think im trying to justify the purchase to myself lol!

I live in the UK and im in the USA for the next month so if I buy one out here Ill save a lot of cash. I was looking at 120-128gb and samsung , ocz , crucial, corsair or Intel (so pretty much most of them!)

I was looking at getting my friend to buy from amazon or newegg or possibly going into the local Frys store and buying from there.

many thanks!!
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  1. Have you visited the Adobe Photoshop forums?

    I used to work as a professional digital image editor, mostly high end stuff for clients. I am retired but I still do some semi-professional work. Here's what I can tell you about installing one of the Adobe Photoshop applications on a solid state drive - with one notable exception batch processing, rendering, and file conversions will speed up. How much depends on individual configurations. Storing images on a hard disk drive is the norm.

    I create PHP scripts, databases, web pages, and documents. Those types of activities depend on my typing and cut and paste skills. The fastest ssd in the world will not help me.

    Web browsing is entirely dependent on my Internet Service Provider. The service is inconsistent. I am totally at the mercy of Cox Cable. Again, the fastest ssd in the world will not help.

    Games will launch faster and things like maps or charts will load faster but that's about it. An ssd will not improve the gaming experience and FPS will not increase.

    The bottom line is ssd performance depends on the task to be performed.
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    If the files are stored on the HD, the SSD is going to hav eno impact on the speed of accessing those files. For photoediting and the like you're better moving th ephoto to the SSD, edititing and moving the final copy back if you want to see a performance difference. If you're trying to convince yourself, think of the power savings and saving the earth ;-)
  3. Thanks for the replies guys

    I think im going to wait until my next build. I just cant justify the money for quicker OS ad programs load times. I only edit images in photoshop and thats the heaviest task i perform which my computer handles without much of a problem so far

    Ill continue to polute the earth with my HDD lol ;)
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  5. As far as I am aware, if your boot drive is an SSD and it has the main program kept there, regardless of which drive your photo file is on, (unless it's a superslow USB key or something) it should move faster. The Cache will be faster and since the main executable is on the SSD it'll be able to initiate instructions to your processor faster. No need for a pagefile/virtual memory either. Sure icybox just came out with a new combo solution for both
    This is more or less using the SSD as a cache for the HDD.
    Also if you have a Z68 setup you should be able to make use of the below
    If you stick with an intel you can make the best use of some of their software, but you pay for it!

    either way you should be able to make use of it with the Intel Rapid Storage Tech on any architecture.
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