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i have Ga P55 UD4p with i5 750 2.66 and my bios is f7 Ram with 1600 H PSU 720 w and the default setting the ram is 1333 and doing good but when i change the setting to make it 1600 the system stop with a black screen when it try to boot to windows and stop , any ideas ????
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  1. For stability, you're better off at 1333; you should have bought 1333; Intel only supports 1333 on that processor (on any i5!)...
  2. that is new for me anyway thank u
  3. This is the fault of the memory companies; there are over a hundred products being sold, supposedly made for i7/i5 platforms, in at least six speeds that are not supported by the processors! Some of them can eventually be 'tweaked' to make them work; some cannot on particular motherboards; they don't care - they want the money! They can charge over a 200% premium for higher speeds that will either make no appreciable difference in actual system speed, or simply not ever work right. The computer press doesn't care either - they are dependent on manufacturer's good will for samples and, more importantly, advertising!

    Caveat emptor! "He buys at his own risk"
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