Make my ide drive as slave and sata as master

I want to install my os on sata drive and make my previous ide drive as slave,, how can i do that,, when i tried i was able to install os on ide but still my ide drive was master,, how can I cahnge this to slave
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  1. There is no "master-slave" setting or jumper for sata drives. The only thing you could do is change the boot priority to look at your sata drive in the BIOS.
  2. When u install the OS on this S-ata drive just disconnect the IDE hdd from the Pc. I don't now the specs of the computer ,but this will work for sure. Maybe u have storage in bios configuration as IDE legacy.Do no what bios u have,anyway...if u don't now how to setup and tweak the bios..just disconnect the IDE HDD do this fresh install on S-ata drive and then reconnect the second drive.
    When comes to boot,if by some whatever motives is not booting from the S-ata drive,after u connect that IDE drive,then u must set the boot sequence from the bios.
  3. I believe when you say "master" what you mean is that the OS has assigned the IDE as the "C" drive. This seems to happen every time I try to install a fresh OS with two HDDs installed. I learned the hard way to install an OS with only one HDD running and plug in the other later. As has been stated the term "master" & "slave" are no longer appropriate for SATA drives so set your IDE for "single". I've been running this same configuration for some time with no problems.
  4. Changing the boot sequence in the bios should be enough. Just pay attention that many bioses have one menu for boot priority and another one for HDD priority.
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