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Hey Guys,

Just need some very quick advice please,

Would this memory -
OCZ Memory 3GB Kit (3x1024) Triple Channel PC3-12800 RAM Low Voltage CL 8-8-8-24 Triple Channel Optimised Kit Gold XTC Heatspreader

suit this motherboard - Gigabyte motherboard GA-EX58-UD5

And also would this memory be adequate for Windows 7 64bit coupled with a nice new i7 930?

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  1. It's adequate for almost anything. I'd be happy with your setup. You can add more ram later. I run windows 7 32 bit with 3 gigs of ram usable, and it's fine even with a relatively slow 2400be cpu.
  2. Hi.

    Yeah, you can run it without problems. But, like a personal advicem get a 3x2GB kit, maybe 3GB isn't enough for the games and Win 7 x64.
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