IPIBL-LB Bios Update

I have a IPIBL-LB rev 1.01 motherboard in my HP m9150f PC and am using Windows 7 on it. Recently I purchased RAM for it and was wondering if there is a BIOS update for that motherboard. The one from the HP site requires Vista and will not run under 7. This update I need to be able to max the ram out at 8 gb. Can anyone help me out?
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  1. did you install Windows 7 after you purchased the computer?
  2. I purchased the computer with Windows Vista on it. I did some checking on the HP website and chatted a bit with some of the tech support and they basically said that I have to revert back to Vista to update the bios. After that I can go back to Windows 7. It's gonna be a tremendous headache thou.
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