Check this proposed rig out please

:hello: Hi all, I am new to these forums and would like comments on my proposed new PC build if you have any suggestions I would appreciate them ty :)

I have an acer x233h monitor or a samsung sync master 2233 monitor to use with it.

Here is a breakdown of what I am going for... AUD $2000...... :sweat:

CASE _ Lian Li Lancool Dragon Lord PC-K58 Black,

MOBO _ Asus P6T Deluxe V2 EXGTE LGA1366 X58 6DDR3 FSB1600(OC)RAID 2GBLAN 3xPCIE2.0 ATX,

PSU _ Antec 1000W TruePower Quattro ATX & EPS 12V Power Supply Modular Cables,

CPU _ Intel Core i7 920 Processor LGA1366 2.66GHz 8MB Cache,

CPU COOLER _ Cooler Master Hyper N520 Cooler,

HDD _ Seagate SATAII NCQ 1.5TB 7200RPM 32mb Cache,

GPU _ XFX GTX285 1G DDR3 2xDual Link DVI HDTV Game include,

RAM _ OCZ 6G(3x2G) Intel X DDR3 1600Mhz OCZ3X1600LV6GK
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  1. Looks pretty good, the Antec 1000W PSU is a bit of overkill, a Corsair 650 Watt would be enough for your current selections, a 750 Watt if you intend on overclocking and or SLI.
  2. Thanks that should save a few dollars :D
  3. I hadntheard of your cpu cooler so i took a look on the frostytech and found this review
    Its not a bad cooler but the comparisons at the end of the article show there are better and/or quieter coolers . I guess it depends on the price .

    Id be tempted to have a couple of smaller hard drives for back ups . But you might need all the space
  4. Thanks for the link it was very informative, I was thinking of getting the Thermalright Ultra-120 eXtreme 1366/775 but I would need to get a 120mm fan for it and there in itself is another whole world of hurt wading through the internet looking for the quietest with the best cooling rate etc etc.

    I was aware the dual fans might make it a bit noisier however at 49 db according to the review on the link you gave me it seems to be middle of the pack and for $76AUD I was pretty happy with the price. The quieter coolers seemed to be geared for the lower end cpus as well so I think ill stick with this unless someone can give me a better solution.

    There is so much information out there I feel I just need to bite the bullet and purchase what I have listed but it will be a system I will be keeping for a long time, my last one saw me through 9 years so hopefully this one will too. I just want to get it right.

    I was thinking of getting the smaller hard drives too and am still tossing this one around in my head :??: What would ppl suggest for smaller HDDs as the space is not really needed that much. I was thinking a couple of Western Digital 500G SATAII 7200rpm HDD 32M Green Power$66AUD each and Raid 0 them... yea or no???

    Thanks very much for the input so far please keep it up :)
  5. currently the fastest conventional hard drives have 500 gb single platters .

    The two models usually available are
    The seagate 7200.12 500 gb and the Samsung F3 500 gb .
    Model numbers are very important

    RAID 0 can speed up boot times and it can speed game loading times by a few seconds, but it doubles your chances of losing everything . IMO not worth the trouble .

    Id just install two drives and save copies of files to the second drive . Its a bit low tech and you have to remember to keep your back ups up to date but it works well
  6. THanks ill check them out ;)
  7. Outlander is correct about the drives and RAID 0, the next "step up" in drive performance is SSD, but you will be paying significantly more per gigabyte of storage if you are interested in going that route. At this point, it isn't really feasible to use a single SSD for all your storage needs as the largest capacity ones get very expensive. Most people who have decided to adopt SSDs early use a 60GB drive for OS and apps, and then a secondary drive for storage needs.

    Also, there are very few SSDs out right now that have performance that justify their high costs. Most notably, the intel G2 and OCZ Vertex.
  8. aford10 said:
    The 640GB and 1TB Western Digital caviar black drives are faster than the drives mentioned above.

    they are not

    The 640 and 1 terabyte drives are 340 gig platters . 2 in the 640 gig and 3 in the 1 terabyte . The 1 terabyte WD is even bit slower than the Samsung 3 platter 1 terabyte drive

    The Samsung F3 500 gig and the seagate 7200.12 are both single platter 500 gb drives and the higher data density results in a performance boost
  9. The Caviar Blacks are nice drives, but the F3 and 7200.12 did beat them with their higher density per platter. Regardless, I still favor the Caviar Blacks currently since they have a very good track record right now, and still have top notch application performance.

    The latest Caviar Blacks announced about a week ago will reclaim the performance crown supposedly, they will have 2 TB capacity, and introduce some new tech in their actuator engineering. With a price tag of $300 though, they'll be hard to recommend until the prices get more realistic. There hasn't been any news yet if WD will release a 500GB platter based 500GB drive or 1TB drive to compete directly with the 7200.12 and F3s.
  10. Hmm, the benchmarks seem to back you. I could've sworn I saw the blacks ahead of the 7200.12's. Though, they are very close.

    I retract my previous statement.

    FYI, WD has a 5 year warranty, seagate is only offering 3 years limited.
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