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I have an Compaq nc6400 Core Duo 1.66Ghz,2GB,120GB,DVDRW,WiFi with a 'dvd rom'...isn't this the same as dvdrw (it's even ON the disk drive). It's not working correctly. I can play movies but not burn movies and I cannot play or burn cd's. Is there setting that needs to be changed somewhere?
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  1. No a DVD ROM means Read Only, it does not burn DVDs. You will need to buy a new DVD burner.
  2. It's surprising to see a machine less than 10 years old without some kind of burning capabilities.

    In fact, in the specs for your Compaq, you do list a DVD-RW!

    Go to Control Panel...System and click on the Hardware tab. Look down the list for DVD/CD-ROM drives and click on the small + box to open it up.

    If the drive there uses the term DVD-RAM then your drive will read/write both CDs and DVDs.

    I might be stating the obvious, but you need burning software (ImgBurn etc), as well as the correct blank CD-R or DVD-R discs (or equivalent RW discs).

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