The right voltage for CPU and RAM?


I'm sorry for the lack of knowledge, but i never ever know about voltages of CPU and RAM.
Here the list of my current voltage:

CPU Vcore: 1.18v
DDR: 1.92v
+3.3v: 3.30v
+5v : 4.89v
+12v : 12.35v
VBAT : 3.20v

Is that right? Am i under voltage or over voltage?
I'm not OC'ing it.

My spec:
E6300 1,86 GHz
2x1Gb DDR2 PC5300
GA 965P DS3
HIS HD 4850 512Mb IceQ 4 DDR3
SilverStone ST50F 500W

I'm just curious, I've done reading some articles about it but i'm not satisfied yet...
Could anyone give me an answer, please...
Thank you very much and sorry about the English... :)
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  1. Well, the ram voltage varies depending on the specific module. It probably says on the side of the module, or if you have the part number you can look it up on the manufacturer website.
  2. i just checked it on manufacture website and it said that the voltage for my DDR2 is 1.8v.
    Is it safe when my current voltage is 0.12v more than the spec on the manufacture?
    And what about the cpu's voltage?
  3. And when i OC my CPu to 2.1 GHz, my CPU and RAM voltage are increased as well, now it show:

    CPU Vcore: 1.42v
    DDR: 2.11v
    +3.3v: 3.30v
    +5v : 4.89v
    +12v : 12.35v
    VBAT : 3.20v
  4. Anyone have an idea?
  5. Best answer
    I think at stock the voltages looked fine, however, do not overclock with the voltage set to auto. It can set them too high and damage components. Look for an overclocking guide specific to your processor type (like core 2 duo) and follow that if you wish to OC. There is probably one in the OC section of this forum.
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