Question about Processor & Video card bottlenecking


I was just wondering if there's some sort of guide on which processor + video card combo would suit best (so that they won't be bottlenecked by one another).

I planned on making a rig with a Q9550 processor, and a GTX 285 (or an HD 4870x2) vid card.

The rest of my rig will be:

DG45ID mobo
4gb Kingston RAM 800mhz
650W PSU

Any chance that this setup (more especially, the video card) will be bottlenecked due to the processor? Should I opt for an HD 4890 instead?

Thanks in advance for the inputs people :D
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  1. should be fine then again 775 sockets are old an i5 setup would cost bout the same
  2. The quick and dirty way to do it is look how much the processor costs, and then spend the same amount of money on the video card. It won't always pair perfectly depending on market prices, but more importantly, you won't be wasting money on GPU power you can't take advantage of.
  3. Personally right now I would not build a 775 system
  4. Thanks for the inputs guys...

    @jtmoney528, my supplier doesnt have other processors atm, he only has q8400 upwards available...
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