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help!!! need to know if my asus p5gc could hanlde a Team Xtreem Dark DDR2 1066Mhz. 2Gb mem..pls, if there is anyone out there who knows this, please help.
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    Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    See answer here

    Yeah, is supported BUT if is 2x1GB, not 2GB in one stick. God I love google.
  2. cool! really thanks for is very helpful. is asus p5gc the same as an asus p5gc mx1333?
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  4. Take a look of this

    Aren't the same.

    Any time, that's why we are here.
  5. ok, mine is asus p5gc mx1333, would this support a Team Xtreem Dark DDR2 1066Mhz (2 x 1 gb)? i hope you could answer this. again , let me express how i appreciate your answers. thanks again.
  6. Yeah, is supported by your mobo. Also, your mobo support 2x2GB.
  7. man! thanks so much for this. be well:-)
  8. another one, please? one of my HDD's i think is corrupted or system cannot read it's location ..and i plan to have it replaced..would it be ok if i just simply turn off the pc and disconnect all the cables from the hdd and just pull it out? would such an action not compromise the performance of the pc? thanks again and more power.
  9. ^Yeah, you can do thata process without problem. This not compromise the performance of your PC.
  10. again, thank you so much for this info..more power.
  11. lastly, I am about to buy a video card, ATI Radeon 5850 1 GB. I would like to know if my ASUS P5GC MX-1333 is compatible with it. Any helpful information regarding this matter.
  12. Yeah, you can installed without problems, just make you sure that you have a good CPU or your CPU will bootleneck your GPU.
  13. my specs are : intel core2 duo, 500watt psu, 2 gb of RAM, and a 660gb hdd? this ok for it?
  14. Uhmm not much, with that system I will get a 5770. And try to add 2GB more of RAM
  15. hmm...thats very interesting indeed..again, thank you for your time answering my questions :-)
  16. Any time that's why we are here.
  17. good day.. i am using a ddr2 memory module..was worndrin if my asus p5gc mx1333 couild handle a higher mem module like a ddr3? thanks for this.
  18. No, that mobo don't support DDR3.
  19. thank you for this .
  20. Not problem
  21. would a 450 watt HEC psu be ok if i use it with my 5850 1gb? system is at 4 gb ram, p5gc mx1333, 660 gb HDD, and 1 fan...
  22. ^You need create your own thread with that question and no, isn't enough.
  23. thank you for this
  24. ^Create your own thread to now what PSU can help you. In fact, I ca help you with that, but in a new thread.
  25. I dn't know what i did but i lost my window xp page. Only thing showing are Intel p5gc-mx1333 on a black screen Can ou tell me hat went wrong
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