9800GX2 SLI is not on any charts.

I have 2 9800GX2's SLI'd, but there is no chart I could find to compare 2x 9800GX2's to other cards. Has this not been done or am I just missing it somwhere?
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  1. a 9800gx2 is roughly a gtx 280
  2. A 9800GX2 is probably as powerful as a 275. Really, the GX2 is as fast as a 280, but suffers lower minimum framerates (hence the comparision to a 275). That being said, because of the horrendous scaling with 4 GPU's, 2x 9800GX2's probably aren't much more powerful then 280's in SLI...(probably closer to 2x 260 (216)'s)
  3. Dude, 9800GX2 is slightly above GTX 260 but way below a GTX 275 or GTX280.
    But in Sli i.e. 2x9800GX2 is almost equal to GTX295.
    After doing a bit of googling i edited it.
  4. A GTX295 performs the same as 2xGTX260

    2x 9800GX2 in Quad SLi theoretically should surpass a GTX295 easily, but quad SLi scales horribly so the GX2 is about equal or slightly below a GTX295.
  5. I thought that the 9800GX2 was two 9800GTX on the same card.

    Since the 9800 was basically the same card (very similar) to the 8800GTS, and the GTX 250 was a rebadged 8800/9800, then I think you could look for GTX 250 in SLI and determine it from there.
  6. Yes, however he has 2 x GX2, so 4 GPUs in his system.
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