Crucial M4 64GB on sata 3 port wei score of 6?

Does somebody know what im doing wrong with this? I installed windows 7 ultimate 64 on my crucial m4 plugged it into the intel sata 3 port on my asus P8P67 mobo and its giving me a score of 6 thats .1 higher than my hdd? Do i need to upgrade the firmware or something? I know wei is not an accurate test but it might have been i set it up wrong?

I followed the steps found here:,2911.html

except the regedit parts. Thanks alot guys in advance
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    As I stated in your other thread.. I recommend posting a screen shot of the AS SSD Benchmark, which will provide useful information.

    Also, it is recommended to make sure your SSD is running the latest firmware. In addition, you might want to let your PC set idle for a few hours (or overnight) and let your TRIM / GC work after installing windows. Putting Windows on a PC does a lot of writing at once, so I've seen benchmarks not accurate right after an initial install... hopefully it is that easy :D
  2. thanks tecmo will post as soon as I can
  3. tecmo I did what you said and installed the newest firmware everything is working now thanks alot
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