hi there i have an issue with my system.
im not very good at this kinda stuff so i hope sumone can help,

im running an quad core 9500 processor,
ati 4850X2 video card,

i used to play cod4 competetively and when i first brought this system i used to be able to run it at 250 fps constant. now after a year it has slowed down and i get 140+. i know that u dont need 250 fps to play cod4 but i just dont understand why my system performs so badly.
i also struggle to get 100 fps on counter strike source which is a very old game. ive reinstalled windows xp and all my drivers again are up2 date but its still the same as before :/
would be a great help if any1 has any ideas of what might be slowing me down.
thanks alot
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  1. its better to use a benchmark like 3dmark or furmark to compute how much better or worse the performance is. The reason being, in game, you have variables, where in the benchmark, its the exact same every time.

    I say this because possibly there are places in the game you got 250 fps, and now you are standing somewhere else, and you get less. It's not as accurate.

    If this is not the case, it's possible that the graphics drivers you used before where faster due to degraded image quality compared to the better IQ you have now with less frames.
  2. ^+1

    Updated maps and what not use more resources. Game patches often add new details to older games that are more taxing on the system so that could have something to do with it as well. On the other hand if bench marks (like 3D Mark) are falling then it points to some other issue.
  3. ty very much ill look into it and maybe ill have to get back to you because im awful at this kinda stuff :D. i do want to point out tho that the fps metre that i used ingame shown 250+ fps when i first used my computer and after about a year it has dropped on that same metre to 128+ i have just used CCLeaner that a mate gave me and my computer performance has gone up alot, not to the peak as it was before but maybe somewhere in the middle. im currently installing the game again to see what fps i get. ty for that
  4. yea download 3dmark06 and give us ur score
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