How much can I oc my 2500k?

I was wondering how far I could oc with my specs.
Case: cooler master 922 HAF
Video card : Evga nvidia gtx 560 ti 448 cores 1.2 gb gddr5 FTW edition
Motherboard: Asus p8z68-v
Power supply: Antec high current gamer 900w
Processor:i5 2500k
CPU cooling: cooler master hyper n520
Ram: 8g ddr3 corsair

If there is anything else you need to know just tell me.. Sorry for errors etc..posted via iPad
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  1. Typically, to around 4.5 GHz. Around 10% of the i5-K's will run reliably past 5.0 GHz.
  2. 4.5 ghz u can call standard clock for oc'ers :)
    your cooler is good try 5 ghz for stability , go up to 5.2 ghz nothing more is required.

    btw not related to this i havent seen any 560 ti on evga site with 1.2gb or ftw edition
    but i saw 2win edition
  3. helpy, 560Ti-448 just introduced.
  4. You'll have to do it to find out. Every CPU and motherboard will be different. And it depends on your goals. Are you looking for max boot clock and don't care about the life of your chip, or are you looking for a stable long-term clock?
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