Q6660 quad core intel processor 57C ??

Hey guys my quad processor is running at 57c I was wondering if it was running to hot? This is after intense gaming sessions..
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  1. i just looked in bios, I havent really had a problem but I run a nvidia 7950tko card with crappy drivers that im replacing with a 285 tomorrow. Mainly just wondering because my games will freeze and my graphics will turn black half way before hand and i was pretty sure it was my graphics card but was wondering about my processor to. only freezes on left for dead 2 for some reason..
  2. my q6600 hits 66c after hours of prime 95 + 3dmark06 combo test. Playing some intensive game, the temp sometimes hits 62c.
  3. okay. ive had it set up for like a year or so. that 57c was right after my cpu froze when i was gaming for about an hour plus i restarted and went into there.
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