What should i buy with this motherboard?

Hello, my name is chase and i decided to upgrade my computer alot i bought this motherboard from newegg after doing a lil bit of research :

and am probobly gona end up buying this cpu:

one last thing i will be doing a little bit of overcloking what would be a good heatsink for it at a good price? thx
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  1. Congrats on the new build! The mobo and CPU you chose both look good.
    As for the RAM, it would depend on what you're going to use your new computer for -- gaming, video editing, web browsing/email? It's obviously going to need to be DDR3 RAM.

    What are the rest of your specs may I ask?
  2. lol well ok, i just recently went out and bought a gtx 260-216core, and a 650w psu and a 7200rpm WD sata drive than bought the motherboard on new egg 2 days ago, which sould be at my doorstep in the next day or so. I have the money to buy the i5 and plan on buying it tomorow if you think it will sute my needs lol. and yes im a heavy gamer, video editing not so much but do use it every once in a while oh and what do you think of this cpu cooler should i get it?
  3. lol anyone?
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