2 4890s in crossfire 700w enough?

Hey guys, I have a 4890 xfx 4890 xxx edition. I was wondering whether if i added another 4890 my power supply would be strong enough. My power supply is the Cooler Master UCP 700W. What you guys think?
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  1. I'm kinda curious myself,cousin wants bfg250 gts, has a realpower 750 power supply with 4 12v rails @19 amp each, his video card requires 24a, Is it gonna work?
  2. Yea, my cooler master 700w also has 19 amps on each of the 12v rails. Any ideas, guys?
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    With a Cooler Master UCP 700? Dude you are fine, that thing can handle it. There are (4) 19A rails.

    I'd look at selling the 4890 and getting a single 5870 though. That single card will best (2) 4890 in most cases.
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