Recent my computer started hanging up and freezing at random points while doing normal tasks like playing music+internet or some lite tasks like this or just while starting counter strike... I tried interchanging the ram slots ... got da same ram from another friend and tried it on my pc.. but no improvements.tried formatting the pc.(to check if it was a virus)..nothing seems to work :fou: .. i have put up me build on these pics... PLEASE SUGGEST WAYS TO SOLVE IT !!!

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  1. A component may be overheating. Could be the power supply. Most cpus won't cause problems until they're almost fried, causing windows bluescreens. If you want to reinstall the cpu, you can ground yourself against metal first to get rid of static discharge from your hand, then unlock the heatsink and twist it gently sideways before you lift it off. Then open the cpu lock down lever and lift it out. Gently wipe the cpu with rubbing alcohol or fingernail polish remover (acetone). After cleaning both the cpu and heatsink, apply a single drop of thermal paste on the heatsink only. Spread it around with a single edge razor blade or old credit card for a thin even layer. If you can see it on the surface, you have enough. Then reinstall in the reverse order and lock both the cpu and heatsink down, or press evenly for a socket 775 heatsink to engage each corner. Your most likely culprit is either the ps or video card temp.
  2. hey thx for replying...
    I tried wat u said ....n here are the temp setting...do u think the onboard gpu is the problem?
  3. Your temps aren't really that bad. I don't see your ps specs listed. I've been in your position before, and you'll just have to decide how much troubleshooting and parts swap outs you're willing to do. Sometimes lowering the resolution setting will get rid of certain problems. You might get better advice if you list your power supply specs, since I'm not a gamer. Good luck.
  4. thx !
  5. After reading your response again, I see you're using onboard video. I recommend you save for a 3850 chipset card as the minimum. 4670 is the best value, especially when using 300-400w power supplies.
  6. ok
  7. i've got a 600 CM xtreme... So i'll try using a discreet card and see if it results in ne changes.... BUT i hope therez nothng wrong with a component on the mobo
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