Intel 510 on GA-x58A-UD7

I've got 2 questions

1) The first question might be a stupid question but I Googled this but can't see any forum related to it. I've read about Intel Elmcrest (510) uses a Marvell controller. My MOBO is GA-x58A-UD7 (rev 1.0) and according to the GIGABYTE website

Marvell 9128 chip:
2 x SATA 6Gb/s connectors (GSATA3_6, GSATA3_7) supporting up to 2 SATA 6Gb/s devices
Support for SATA RAID 0, and RAID 1

My question is, Is the SSD compatible with my header? I bought a Corsaid Force 3 which I've returned for a lot of issues most especially when using Marvel. It's very unstable BSODs and Freezing on boot up. I've used SATA2 and manage to use it as long as 8 hours until it freeze up then BSOD. I'm just wondering if it has something to do with the SSD using Sandforce controller then using it on a Marvel 9128 SATA3.

2) how does IOPS contribute to the read and write speed. Intel 510 has a decent write and read speed but the IOPS (20K) is quite low compare to Force 3's IOPS (85K).

Any thoughts would be appreciated. I really just don't want to end up buying another SSD then returning. And I just want to use probably not full but at least on the full speed spec which is using the 6GB/s.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. The answer to your first question is yes. They are compatible. However, the Marvell 9128 controller on your motherboard is an older version and it's not as good as the newer ones.

    IOPS is a mixed bag. The problems is that the IOPS don't always correlate well with real world performance. There are a few of us that are inclined to ignore IOPS. Others will swear by it.

    In terms of synthetic benchmarks the Intel 510 is not a speed demon like the SandForce 2XXX based ssd's. However, in real world performance it can definitely hang in there.

    The bottom line is SSD performance depends on the task to be performed.
  2. Thanks Johnnylucky. my most tasks are software development and 3d rendering would you recommend elmcrest gor this or should I wait for force gt whch apparently will comeout soon? Thanks again.
  3. I just added a link to the first Corsair Force GT technical review early this morning when I updated the ssd database:

    Just go down to the Corsair section and click on the link to read the review. You'll also find links to reviews of Intel ssd's and many others.

    I can't recall reading any reviews that included test results for 3D rendering but my inclination would be to go with the Intel 510.
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