Graphics card problem

I was wondering to get a 4670 ddr3 1GB sapphire card from amazon(my dad has prime membership so what the heck), and it says recommended 400W psu, but I have 300w.

system specs,
intel c2q q9400 2.66ghz
integrated graphics
8GB 800mhz ddr2 ram
750GB hard drive
one 16x cd/dvd drive
I dont know the mobo, but I have 3 slots open

Its a brand new inspiron 545mt ( full tower)

with 23 inch monitor.

I just want to know... Can I use it alot ( MW2, halo 2, and cod5) and the power supply won't fail?
Or should I get the ddr3 1GB 4650...( I really want that small performance!)
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  1. It may work, but pushing a PSU to that kind of load will cause it to fail. Step up to a 450w minimum. That way when you want to upgrade, you don't need another PSU.
  2. ok, thanks
  3. This should be under the Graphics forum section.

    However, I wouldn't push that PSU too far. If 400W is the minimum required, I wouldn't want to run it on a 400W PSU for very long. You'd essentially be pushing your PSU at 100% of it's capability all the time while gaming. This will create a lot of heat, and stress for that PSU. That could lead to a fairly short lifespan.

    It's best to upgrade to a better PSU so it's not running at 100% capability.

    The other thing to consider, is whether that PSU is rated @ 400W max output, or is actually capable of 400W consistent load. Those two figures are not always the same.
  4. BTW: If you're using a 23" monitor, I'm assuming it's capable of 1920x1080?

    If that's the case, the 4650 or 4670 isn't going to be your best bet for playing MW2 or COD5 at higher resolution or graphic settings. If you can afford it, I'd upgrade the power supply and the video card. You can get into an ATI 4870 or ATI 5770 for pretty cheap these days and those will give you fairly good performance for those games.
  5. well yea the monitor is 1080p, and the graphics card has to be under 100 bucks, but I'm gonna try to get a pretty good power supply... any suggestions? like 450 watt is ok
  6. ah, I think I found one:

    Its 500 watt, and it's the color of my system, will it fit? and is it compatible with my pc?

    and its 65 dollars
  7. That OCZ PSU is good as far as I know, run with it.
  8. So I should get that psu? and when I get it, should I get a 4770 or 4830? or a 8800GT?
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