Windows Vista using 512mb should I upgrade to 2gb?

I have a computer which is pretty much dead on its feet. I have cleaned the registry, defragged the hard drive and cleaned it all up. However it is still as slow as anything.

It is running Windows Vista. It has 512mb of memory in it. If I upgrade it to 2gb will this make a big difference to the running of the computer, I know Windows Vista uses memory up. But I don't want to buy memory if 512mb is sufficent, as if this is the case I think it will meet with the skip!

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  1. heh, 512mb was barely adequate for XP Pro, IMO. 2gb would make a noticable difference, but most machine utilizing 512mb of ram are likely to be out dated anyway. if you can get a ram upgrade on the cheap id go for it, unless you have the cash for a new mobo/cpu/ram/hd etc.
  2. did you get the computer for free for signing up with a service provider?
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