Question about having two different brand 5870's in X-Fire?

Question about having two different brand 5870's in X-Fire?

I had to order HD-5870's from two different makers due to the limit one and limited availibility. One is by XFX the other by HIS. When I get these and install them do I use both brands install discs? Or did I make a mistake by not keeping with the same brand? Anything else I need to know?
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    You shouldn't have an issue. As for using the install discs... I don't think I have ever used one, I just dl the drivers off the internet. Which I have to assume you have access to....

    Considering you just plunked down $800+ on video cards, I would suggest you do some research about this sort of thing.
  2. I asked because I had an HIS X850 AGP card and upgraded to Vista. Everyone advised me to update my drivers through the HIS website as opposed to the ATI website. But I think it was largely due to the ICEQ Extreme overclock utility that came with it.
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    I havent gotten my updates from OEMs in several years, i always get them direct from the manufacturer's site, as they are always up to date and are known to work as no one tried to tweak them.
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