Athlon 64 x2 .....running at 997mhz!?

So I purchased a cheap pc to quickly fulfill my mother's need for a working pc. yeah, from ebay... Anyway, I have a, Athlon 64 x2 running at 997 mhz in system preferences. Anything I can do here? I can supply any info necessary.
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  1. Sounds like Cool n Quiet has kicked in clocking the Athlon down to a bare minimum.

    Try doing something with it (like running Prime 95) and see what happens. If nothing does it sounds like the BIOS is set up wrong - reset to defaults and see what happens then.
  2. Tried running, but I'm not really knowing what its saying to me aside from making my comp nearly explode. Still system says 997... how do I approach bios?
  3. Download CPU-Z (System isn't in real time). Then open programs/run virus scan/run Prime95 and you should see the speed go up to a correct (or intermediate, depending on utilization) value.

    Here's a link:
  4. Whn I check out the CPU in the Tab Options...Cpu.. CPU information inside Prime that what the comp is detecting my CPU at. What if this doesn't match the system information when I right click my comp (997 vs 1.98). I'm using an alt computer to type this because the ie on this forum page has it running at 100% lol
  5. OK, CPU-Z shows it double when prime95 is up and running. This means my processor is accepted by the my...good to go, etc? BIOS shows the 997 number... should be fine I imagine
  6. Thanks for all the help/
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