My computer keeps losing connection

Hi guys.

So I've got this problem that my computer keeps losing the connection to the internet every now and then. This started like two weeks ago and happens without any prenotice. When it's going down it can be down for everything between a few hours to a couple of days. The strange thing about this is that it has nothing to do with my internet connection, since it works splendid on my other computer, which i use atm.

I've tried:
• Switching the cable between all router ports
• Different cables (including the one i use right now on my working comp)
• Updating Firmware on router (DI-524)
• Updating LAN drivers for my motherboard (Asus P5Q-e)
• Updating from windows Vista to windows 7 (just to be clear: this did NOT start when i installed a new operating system. I had been using vista for a year when this suddenly occured. Atm i'm on win 7 though)

The only message i can seem to get is that the computer says it simply can't detect any ethernet cable plugged in, and it doesn't react when i plug/unplug the cable.

The last time internet worked on the computer was atleast 2 days ago. This is really getting on my nerves, so if anyone knows what to do - please reply!

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  1. You try with another network card?, Try this to:

    start, run, cmd, ping, if you don't have answer, or the answer isn't constant your network port is start to die.

    And how i said up, install a network card and try with this.
  2. I pinged and the anwer was constant and seemed to work well. What does this mean? An other thing i noticed is that the small lights where the ethernet cable is plugged in to the computer blinks orange when i plug the cable in, but after 2 seconds it turns black. To bad I don't have an external network card to try with.. Feels kinda waste to buy one just to try, if it would turn out that there is nothing wrong with the one i got now.

  3. I think that your network port start to die....find a network card and try with this. Also, upgrade the network driver of the PC.
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