How to connect 4 displays?

I need to hook up 4 displays each showing different programs for business. I will be intending to use AMD processor, so what motherboard/chipset would i need? I look around and saw that you can connect 2 monitors to the motherboard (780G) and another 2 by a graphics card, Is it possible or i must have 2 graphics card?

Also, as i will be running 4 displays but not doing any intense programs, just market watch and office task basically. Do i need a quad core or a dual core?

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  1. A dual core would be fine. Just get whatever 780/785G motherboard you can (as long as it has one digital [DVI/HDMI] and one analog [VGA] port), and then get an inexpensive Radeon card, like a 4350. These will suit your needs just fine.
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