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Hello guys, first post!

My problem is that I have just build this new i5 rig, but eveytime i restart it, it will turn on for 9 seconds and then switch off, before turning on again for another 9 seconds. It will repeat this three times and then boot up perfectly normal.

I have not overclocked anything, or tried anyway. Reformatted windows, same problem.

i5 750
4gig Ripsaw 1600mhz
OCZ Modstream 420
WD 160GB 16mb cache

Thanks in advance for any help!
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  1. My first thought was that the cpu was ashamed to run with that old gfx card .... but that cant be it

    so .........
    is it a new hard drive or have to transferred it from another computer?
  2. Yep the only new parts are the CPU/mobo/RAM, everything else is from my old PC.

    As for the card I will be upgrading to the 5series on release, hence the old card :D must be bottlenecking like anything.

    I have played some CSS at it worked fine so im guessing its not the problem.
  3. Back again!

    Tried a CMOS reset and for now it seems to have done the trick, booted up first time after finishing so I will see whether it sticks tomorrow when I boot up!

    Thanks for the help mate.
  4. If you have any more trouble look in device manager for the old mb drivers .

    Depends how you did the swap but there could be a whole bunch of entries with yellow triangles next to them . Just right click and remove them and that will be uninstalling the drivers .
    That should tidy things up a bit and windows wont get so confused
  5. Hey mate, sorry to be back but it seems to be doing it again this morning.

    If I switch off my PC and reset the CMOS then it will boot fine untill i restart again, so could it be that the motherboard is adding something incorrect into its CMOS?

    Could it also be the RAM? maybe even the harddrive not connected to the right SATA port or something?

    I will try the device manager and see whats going on.
  6. Nothing with a yellow triangle on there, I did a fresh install so that should be OK.
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