New 955 runs hot?

I recently upgraded my CPU from 720 BE to 955 BE. I'm using an Arctic Cooling 7. With my 720 BE I idled at 23'C. With the 955 BE it idles at 43'C and while running prime95 it sits at 58'C. The only thing that changes is I bought and applied this thermal removal and purifier from Newegg. What do you all think?
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  1. What thermal paste did you apply when you put the cooler on the new chip? Some take a little time to set. you could also try reseating the heatsink, if you are concerned. Is Cool n Quiet on/working? Do you have the newest BIOS for your board?
  2. First off, you are forgetting that you just didnt change the cooler instalation... you changed CPU's you had a 3 core running at 2.8Ghz and now you have a 3.2 quad core... just that dissipates a LOT more heat... but as EXT64 said, do you have your motherboard bios up to date? might be some problem with C&Q, although with a 15ºC diference in temps i'd say its just fine... you just have a hotter CPU model now =) if you want it to run cooler you need another cooler xD
  3. Yeah, the high isn't too bad for all four cores maxed at stock volts. The low does seem a little high though if CnQ is on.
  4. I applied AC5. Bios is up to date. C&Q is disabled as well. I am using the Arctic Cooling 7 pro heatsink fan which lowered temps on my 720 from 31'C idle to 23'C idle. It is just a suprise to see such high temps. I have been reading forums and see that some have low temps ranging from high 20's to low 30's, than other say it idles in my range, 43'C and in the 50's for full load. Some say 62'C is max some say 68'C. Regardless I am a little concered. Should I be?
  5. well i just checked, i have one to, and i dont know about your case, but i have an all aluminium full tower with 4 + 1 fans, and i have my 955 with artic silver 5 and a noctua somethiong cooler set on low and i have the same temps... so i'd say your not that bad since my cooler was 70$ lol although it is set to low to keep the noise down... so dont worry id say its normal... its just a hot piece of hardware lol =p
    look on the bright side it warms up your room in this cold weather xD (at least where i am it helps :D)
  6. Lol. I have an Antec 900. I have all the fans set to Med setting. High is way to loud for me. I'm going to apply AC5 agian. I feel like i put to much on. I put it right on the CPU. Ive been reading the AC7 cooler isnt up to par for quad cores. Reading about the Dark Knight. Might go that route.
  7. 58'C is normal. Don't worry about it.
  8. Enable cool and quiet.

    I can never understand why people disable it to begin with.

    Then I even get more dumb founded when said people complain that the idle temps are high.
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