Cant decide on GC

I need help on deciding which graphic card to buy. My current system is

Power Supply: 650W 20+4-pin Blue LED Fan ATX PSU w/SATA & PCI-e
Motherboard : Intel D865GLC Motherboard P4 2.8Ghz.512MB.IO.AGP
Memory : 3GB

Any Suggestions would really be helpful.
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  1. An AGP ATI 4670 is light on the PSU and rather powerful, you can get a 3850 which is slightly more powerful but it will likely be bottlenecked by your CPU unless you OC it.
  2. My system is OC right now at 3.0GHz.
  3. tzebley said:
    My system is OC right now at 3.0GHz.

    3.0GHz is a minor overclock, if you could go higher without damaging your hardware it is advisable to go higher.
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