Possible PSU problem?

Okay well heres my problem:

I was playing that old game Diablo 2 with my friends when all of a sudden my computer shutdown completely randomly.

My first thought was to push that power button to turn it back on, my LED's lit up, fans spinned for about half a second and bam they shutdown again.

So i pushed the power button once more, they spinned, and lit up for about an 1/8 a second and thats the last movement they've done.

That was a hour ago pushing the power button does nothing. I secured all cables from my PSU inside re connected all of them nothing worked.

I turned it off and waited 3 minutes (my power supply) but it still doesnt work.

Is my power supply dead? i sure hope not i can buy another for at least a weak or two, i have absolutely no money.

Any ideas, tips?

Im going to wait until tomorrow morning. and if it does nothing then i'll take it out and say its dead.
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  1. Unplug the power cord, and open the case and remove and reinstall the motherboard battery. This will reset the bios. Then plug it back in, and fire it up. If this doesn't work, you can try a different ps when you save some $$. You may find a cheap one on craigslist. Try to find a used seasonic, fortron fsp, enermax, antec, ocz, or corsair; these are quality brands. If the power supply change doesn't work, then the board is probably dead. And you may want to decide if you have the ability to change out the board or search for another system.
  2. Depending on how technically literate you are:
    Our standard checklist and troubleshooting thread:
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