RAM allocation for applications in Windows 7 x64

Specifically where can I go in Win 7 x64 to control RAM allocation to apps/ a particular app? Someone mentioned the /3GB switch, where is that and how can I go beyond it if necessary? Will x86 apps be able to use as much RAM as they need or just the x64 ones?



4GB DDRII PC2-5300 667 RAM
Mobile Intel 965 Express Chipset Family
Core 2 Duo 1.7 GHz CPUs
Intel GMA X3100 Video (c. 300-400MB RAM usage)
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  1. (1) The /3gb switch does not apply to 64 bit operating systems.

    (2) If you want to make an application use more resource than it is designed to do, you must go to the maker and have them (re)write it.
  2. Thanks. I was mislead a tad about the /3GB switch thing. But I know that there are utility programs, for instance, that can manipulate how much system resource goes to each app/process... this may be useful. Does Win 7 Ultimate version have a similar in-built feature?
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