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I need help with finding a graphics card for my new computer. I recently upgraded from an agp computer to a pci-e X 16 computer. Most of the cards I've seen are pci-e 2.0 and it looks like that aren't compatible with my new motherboard. I mainly play Eve online which can run on pretty much any card, but I also want to play some of the newer FPS games now that my computer isn't a complete piece of junk. Could someone please give me some suggestions of a good card that will work with my system. My price range is $150 or less, and the power supply will obviously be upgraded. Thank you in advance.

Operating System: Windows Vista Home Premium with Windows Media Center (64-bit)
Base processor: Pentium E5200 (W) 2.5 GHz (65W)
•800 MHz front side bus
•Socket 775
Chipset: Intel G33 Express
Manufacturer: Asus
Motherboard Name: IPIBL-LB
HP/Compaq motherboard name: Benicia-GL8E
Power supply: 250W
Memory Installed: 6 GB
Maximum allowed:
•8 GB (4 x 2 GB) (64-bit OS)
•4 GB* (4 x 1 GB) (32-bit OS)
Speed: supported PC2-6400 MB/sec
Type: 240 pin, DDR2 SDRAM
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  1. PCI-E 2.0 is backwards compatable. You should have no problems with any PCI-E version card working in that board.

    Hopefully someone else can help with the best lower cost card/psu combo for you. I am pretty sure ATI makes the best low cost/low power cards right now.
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  3. pepperman said:

    Agreed, the 4670 would be perfect with your setup, but you can always spend more.

    The HD 4670/E5xxx combo is one I recommend for budget systems.
  4. Thank you for your help.
  5. Any time; that's what we're here for.
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