How to play a cd/dvd prepared on computer on a dvd player

Respected Sir,

I have burnt video on a dvd. But this dvd does not work on any dvd player . Kindly guide me.

Mahesh V Joshi
Rajkot Gujarat State
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  1. Mahesh, welcome to Tom's Hardware Forum!

    When you burn a DVD or a CD, you will be asked to pick one of two choices. It will ask you whether you want to use it as a 'flash drive' (not sure about the exact terminology, OR whether you want to play it on a DVD player.

    Select the option for playing on the DVD player. Then proceed with instructions and burn. This DVD will only play on a DVD player, not on a computer.

    Th 'flash drive' option will only work on a computer, and not on a DVD player.

    The two are different.

    I use Win 7 to burn DVDs and I burn both types.
  2. You need software such as imageburn that has a write video mode, otherwise you are just copying files over like a standard data disk.

    Most decent burning software will have different modes of writing, audio (CD), video (DVD/blu ray), and data (storage).
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