Program installed under Admin, but will not work under User profile

Hello all!

I am new to these forums so bear with me.

Hokay. I work at a car dealership and am the "Internet Manager", and with said title, it is my duty to maintain our server and network for which I know little about. The person who set up our server and network is no longer here, and it is very hard to get ahold of him to get help with an issue. So I thought I would try this forum.

We run Windows small business server 2003, and windows XP on all client computers. We use a program called ASI for accounting. I am trying to get NADA eValuator to work on my sales mangers computer. It was previously on his computer, but the hard drive failed, and I replaced his client PC. Ergo, had to reinstall all the programs he had.

Everything is working great now except for this stupid NADA program. It runs and works fine under the Admin profile, but not under his profile. I have given it permissions with ASI under the security settings tab, and have moved the icon under explore all users from the admin desktop to the allusers desktop.

Other programs he uses work perfectly, why this one? If anyone can help me out, it will save me from buying a club to bash myself in the head with.

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  1. Try to install the program from the user account, but run as administrator.
  2. saint19 said:
    Try to install the program from the user account, but run as administrator.

    Can you tell me how to do that? I found a loop around to run it as administrator, but how do I make it run from administrator every time just by clicking on the icon when he is logged in?

    If I try and install the program under his profile, how can I install it as administrator when it says I do not have priveleges under his profile?

    Thanks in advance again.
  3. Log on with the user account, in the installation file, right click, and select "Run as administrator", the program ask for the user administrator and the password, and the insttaltion process begin, wait till the installation finish and run the program.
  4. Do I have to uninstall the program under administrator first?
  5. Yes, unistalled under administrator, reboot, and follow the steps that i said up.
  6. Thank You. I will try that.
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