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I'm currently upgrading a Dell Optiplex GX280 to replace its original components for more high end ones to make it a better performer. I've upgraded to a 500W Power supply (Dell Silencer, compatible and everything), I have 4 GBs of RAM, and I wanted to know what PCI-Express cards one would recommend for this system. The Processor is a Pentium 4, 3.2 Ghz. I don't want to get anything that this particular system can't use, but I'd like to get a decently powerful card. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

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  1. I just added a Jaton PX8400GS-Ex (512MB RAM). It supports DVI, VGA and HDTV. Got it at newegg this week (about $50), so I'm still shaking it down.

    Best upgrade I've done to the GX280: SSD for the boot/OS/pagefile. the box screams!

    If you're still interested, I'll post updates after I add the HD Tuner.
  2. HD4650 is more than enough...
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