Upgrading Motherboard is this good?

Hi, I am trying to update my motherboard and cpu with a combo. I have 3 gig ddr2 and am trying to be cheap so I want to get a board that uses it. I plan on using my computer to run router, switch, server, and comp simulators. I am not sure what is out there right now but I am currently look at this....is it a good deal or should I be looking at different stuff.

here's a link to what I am think about getting

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  1. I forgot to write I went with this model because I'm trying to keep the price somewhere around 200-250
  2. Dont get an old phenom quad, if you are running various sims you really should use an i7 but that is outside of the budget so i suggest
    $257 after rebates, and its a hell of alot stronger than the other combo.
  3. thanks hunter I'll take a good hard look at it and let you know what I think in the morning.
  4. hunter, I haven't built a comp. in 2-3 years. when you say I should look at an i7 are you talking about motherboard or cpu? I am trying not to upgrade my hard drives b/c they are ide will I come into problems looking at i7?

    my price is flexible if there is something better that will last me a few years, i'm just not looking to buy something that is to expensive b/c I want to build a new top of the line from scratch sometime next year
  5. Most modern motherboard only support 1 IDE cable which will support 2 IDE drives, i dont knwo of any modern ones that will support more than that.

    The i7 is a line up of intel quad core processors with hyperthreading that give them 8 logical cores making them much better at multitasking than a quad core without it.

    An i7 would cost you significantly more as its 280 for the processor, ~200 for the motherboard, and another 100 for new DDR3 low voltage ram, it comes out to be a lot more expensive. If you are running 8 sims simultaneously or have multi threaded ones then you will see a significant boost relative to a PII quad core, but if you are only running 2 or 3 single threaded ones at a time the two processors will perform similarly.
  6. the i5 is just under i7 performance at a better price
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