How can I erase everything on my Hard Drive?

So I'm having a lot of driver conflicts, and I can't figure out which ones. Its been like this for a while so I figure that if I delete everything and install everything again this could help fix the problem. So how can I delete everything on my Hard drive except my OP which is Window 7.

(This was a self made PC not a store PC so I don't have one of those recovery disks)

Thank You
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  1. if it is a self made pc, you should have the Windows7 cd and the drivers to be able to re install everything.
  2. I do but it was one of those OEM CDs I think. Aren't does like a one time use only?
  3. You can reinstall Windows from an OEM disk using an OEM license key as many times as you want as long as it's always to the same machine.
  4. ah ok thanks alot I'll see what I can do after I back up all my data
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