How to upgrade my sony vaio TZ16VGN to a bigger size of HDD as it getting slow

I have a 2007 Sony Vaio TZ16VGN notebook with its small hdd size, is it possible to increase it and make it faster as it tends to be getting slower. It is really a pain when I want to use it. Any suggestion what to do?By the way it is on Windows Vista business, I seldom use it since I bought in 2007.
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  1. Yes the hard disk can be upgraded. Check the computer specifications in the User's Manual and see what the largest hard disk size that the motherboard will support. Then buy this sized hard disk from the computer store of your choice.

    Next, the existing hard disk must be 'cloned' to the new larger hard disk. Get this product for cloning:
    Follow instructions. I have done this with my laptop. Works very well.
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