8800GTX, do I replace with 2x 4870s in crossfire?

Hi there. I'm running an eVGA 8800GTX 768MB card at the moment. It's great. BUT, I'm looking to upgrade. I have a GigaByte 965P DS3P motherboard. It's capable of Crossfire, runs the PCI at x16 and x4. I don't really know what that means, but apparently it makes a difference when choosing a new GPU. SO, I'm figuring the best bang for buck is to get two 4870s and crossfire them. I won't have to buy anything else. BUT, is it worth getting a new motherboard and buying a secondhand 8800GTX for SLi, it would work out roughly the same cost, but be more hassle. Which would run games better? I'm guessing the 4870s would win, right?
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  1. Run a single 5870:,2422-22.html

    If *ever* necessary, you can add another 5870 when it's cheaper.
  2. Hello and welcome to the forums :)
    2x4870s would be a great upgrade but 965 Chipset supports CrossFire @ 16x4x which won't perform very well compared to dual 8x or dual 16x

    "The last one is 16x 4x, this one is the weakest and doesn't perform very good compared to dual 8x or dual 16x,so i won't recommend it for Multi-GPU configuration. Intel P35 and P965 chipsets support Multi-GPU at 16x 4x mode."
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    whatTwoboxer said
    """is it worth getting a new motherboard and buying a secondhand 8800GTX for SLi"""

    as a 8800gtx owner i say no! :non: you will still own old tech its better to buy new tech either ati's new cards out now, or wait till the g300 nvidia cards come out in 2-3 months
    """Which would run games better?"""

    at the mo. for best graphics and speed combined to furture proof yourself for 2-4 years get the ati 5870 (as im about to as well) :bounce:

    ps what monitor and res do you use?
  4. baddad said:

    why ????????
  5. sirkillalot said:
    as a 8800gtx owner i say no!
    Hehe I got two of them lol. They lasted pretty well, considering.
  6. Thank y'all. Makes a lot of sense to spend on new tech.
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