Will a DDRII stick of 667 or 800 work as 533 in a max 533 system?

If I buy a stick of DDRII 667 or 800 will the run at 533 in the following build? Will it downgrade itself once installed in my system? Or do i have to buy a stick of 533 to be compatible?

Brand MSI
Model Wind Nettop 100
Color Black

CPU Supported
CPU Type Intel 1.6GHz Atom 330 (dual core) on board
FSB 533MHz

North Bridge Intel 945GC
South Bridge ICH7

Memory Supported
Memory slot 1 x 200Pin
Memory Type Supported DDR2 533/400
Max Memory Supported 2GB
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  1. Make sure that the new module has an SPD table for 533MHz, but that isn't a guarantee that it will work. Why not get a module that's on the QVL and follow the recommendation at http://www.techdc.com/msi-wind-nettop-100-assembly?
  2. Thanks for the quick answer. Just because my local store only has 667 and 800 sticks I wanted to know. Was too lazy to make the drive to get a 533 stick. But thanks for the heads up!
  3. The 667MHz probably has a better chance to work properly.
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