Dedicated system memory at 0

Under my windows experience index I have 0MB dedicated system memory, should I increase this number and if so How do i go about doing this. All help appreciated. Would I make the change in the bios, And what do i stand to gain by increasing this number.
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  1. The dedicated system memory is under the graphics card memory right? If so, you want it to be 0 since you don't have an integrated graphics chip.

    EDIT: for correctness.
  2. There are three different things of a 'Total available graphics memory'
    1. Dedicated graphics memory - RAM physically in the graphic card. Every graphic card has it. Built-in graphics solution don't have this.
    2. Dedicated system memory - RAM in your system but ONLY used by the graphics solution built-in to your system (It is not applicable if you have a separate graphic card).
    3. Shared system memory - RAM in you system that can by used by the graphic card or built-in graphic solution AND also used by your CPU.

    You could change the amount of shared memory, if your bios allows it. You cannot change the amount dedicated system memory IF you don't have a built-in graphic solution. And you definitely cant change the dedicated system memory no matter what graphic card you have.

    Since you have a dedicated graphic card and not a built-in graphics, you dont have any dedicated system memory (0 MB). Its good because the less you 'borrow' from you system RAM the better it is.

    Hope you are clear.
  3. Correction, you have shared and dedicated system memory mixed up for changeability. Shared ram cannot be changed and is always ~25% of total ram. The dedicated system ram is the option in the bios for an igpu.
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