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foxconn A7DA-S 3.0 mobo bonked, and the sb750 was supporting a raid 5 on the sata ports 1-4

for a new motherboard to access the old raid, does it have to be the same motherboard? same southbridge? or can i upgrate to an sb850. Also, do the drives have to be in the same sata slots?

assuming i want an AM3 board, any suggestions?
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  1. If you are wanting to keep your same RAID array, your best option is to utilize the same motherboard. Switching to a new motherboard, you run a high risk of issues with the system / RAID array. You would be better off making a backup and recreating a new RAID array on a newer motherboard.. IMO
  2. unfortunately, the motherboard is dead, so there's no hope of making a backup at the moment. I have to buy a new mobo regardless.

    fortunately (and i should have mentioned this initially) the OS is NOT located on the raid, therefore drivers are not an issue.

    I was thinking (in theory) that I would buy the identical foxconn board but with the 850 SB, and if it doesn't work, then I can always return it and get the downgraded version with the 750 chip
  3. If you have extra storage you can use a utility like R-Studio to read the disks and reconstruct your RAID 5 array, image it, recreate the array and image back to th enew one and load the new drivers in recovery mode.
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