New build has high pitched whine

I have just finished building my new pc and noticed a whine from the mobo while installing the os and thought nothing of it, figured it was just a fan i could mess with later. After i installed to os i turned up my speakers and get the same whine through the speakers. I have to think this is something grounding out or maybe just a bad component? Any thoughts would be welcome, thanks in advance.

Here are the specs of the computer maybe one of these is known for this?
i7 920
evga x58 sli
6gb kingston hyperthread ddr3 16000
2x160 raptors- from old build and never made any noise before
antec 902 case
bfg 285 oc fu
antec 850- from old build as well and never had a problem.

I did notice what seemed to be a ground wire on the case and i was also going to ask what the ground was for on the video card.
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  1. I think it could be your Optical drive, try holding it down by pushing it really hard with 2 fingers, its what I do when my computer starts going weeeeeeeee~
  2. well the whine is actually coming from the speakers as well, and adjusts with the volume...i can turn the whine up and down. I dont think its the optical drive. It is almost the same if you wire a car amps power cord along with the rca to the amp you get the engine noise.....i dont know im stuck
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