Woda's Build project (waiting on parts)

Okay so I am happy to report the used Gigabyte GA-P67A-UD7-B3 board came in (was used) and its working flawless (wish I realized the X58 was the one with uEFI thought they both did >.<) And got my i7 2600k and loving the CM Storm: Trooper!!

With that said its time to make the purchase on all my water cooling parts I have debated a lot with myself and want our veteran folks here to give me feedback on the things I have narrowed down (last thing I want is to drop 500 on this phase and be screwed cause it doesnt work)

Few things to keep in mind.

1. Goal is 5Ghz 24/7 (was lucky to get a C batch on the i7 so the vcore should be lower than most!)
2. Delta of 10-15 (I'd say under 5 but I live in Arizona lol)
3. Would prefer my fans not to wake my neighbors lol)
4. GPU's will be added probably once they are released 7970's two of them in crossfire so for now Im not too worried about just need the CPU to go down in temps

So heres what Im thinking for the first phase of the build

(Ill number them in order of what im leaning towards unless you think im wrong which I may be lol)

1. XSPC Dual 5.25 bay res with Alphacool VPP655 pump
2. Koolance RP1000BK (or the cheaper one think it was the 980?)
3. Bitspower Water Tank Z / Swiftech MCP655

Radiators This part is what Im mainly worried about due to no examples of my case being water cooled. My case has a 200mm fan on top so the first item will be one of the few things i KNOW ill get now secondary fans just so worried about space. I know I can do a 140mm rear rad if needed for the goal dunno if it would help to go through two rads before the CPU but ill worry about the order a little later...

1. Phobya Extreme 200mm
2. Phobya G-Changer 140mm

CPU Block
1. Koolance CPU-370
2. heatkiller

Barbs/compression fittings whatever

(stupid question does it matter if I get the (barb style) or the compression style?
1. Bitspower
2. another bitspower

Tubing... All the same right ?


Now Rubix I know you said Distilled water but the red coolant is sooooo cool! UGH

PS Am gonna mod the case with a Sith theme hence the urge for the red stuff lol....

I make the first wave of purchasing this stuff on the 3rd (and ill have my phone back on than so I can post pics while I progress on the build!!
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  1. Reserved

    Just with the board in the case and Hard Drive cages turned the way i wanted

    Cable management done...for now..
  2. Also Reserved for more pics

    The parts!

    Leak tested in the case before I loaded the components it went perfect without a hitch!

    Not enough space for rad/fan so had to mod the top of the case to fit it !!

    *so note dont buy phobya was a pain the brackets were all messed up and it didnt fit so had to remove the handle and put the 200mm fan on top of the case inside the plastic covering for this case)

    Completed!....for now

    removed the handle off of the case and fit the 200mm under the cover (barely)

    front image

    First half of build done now just need tpo buy the new PSU and wait for the 7970's to be released!
  3. For a delta like you want, you're going to want to over-rad on your build.

    For color, you can go with dye if you want...this would be a better bet than coolant. Check into Mayhem's dye.

    Fittings or barbs- your choice. Only (strong) suggestion is to go with the same size all around to fit the same tubing size. You can use barbs and fittings if you really wanted- it won't make a difference how they are mixed or matched.

    Back to delta- for your i7, you'll obviously have different radiator needs than you will when you add the GPUs when that time comes. This all comes down to TDP @load. For a 10-15C delta, you are looking at average radiator usage, but remember, delta-T is based on ambient temps. Your delta using the exact same hardware as someone else in say, the arctic, will have different results due to differences in ambient temps and the ability of those temperatures to absorb heat differently based on heat in watts being generated.
  4. Right and I figure due to my location I shouldnt get greedy on not being super loud on the fans and have crazy delta. So i'd lean toward slightly higher temps in favor lower fans. And I may or may not water the GPU's its really a wait and see thing. the concern for me was 64db on a 6990 is outrageous if the 7970s are obnoxious like that than I would have to water cool them for my own sanity lol. But since there isnt a difference on the fittings than I guess Ill go with the red bitpowers if they dont make a difference. They just seemed....cheaper I guess compared to the compression fittings so just wasnt sure.
  5. Barbs are cheaper, but compression fittings appeal to more people due to looks. Depending on your build, one might look better than the other...just depends on your choice.

    It sounds like you'll want to ensure you have rads to handle what you want to cool with low to med speed fans. I tested several fans last week (need to start the write up) on several 1500 rpm Phobya fans. They were almost silent, but this would likely apply to most fans in the 1200-1500rpm range.
  6. Awesome Ill look forward to reading it. So with the rest of the stuff any thing you would change?
  7. Also Im thinking maybe I can rig it so I remove the middle cage and intrude on the 3rd 5.25 bay and put 120mm rad than a fan and another back to back in lue of the hard drive cage Maybe stuff 2 or three of them there so it forms one giant block and use some high flow rads... More and more I think of this the more interested I am into attempting a mod for this monster lol..... Granted If I do this and go with the XSPC rad/pump I wont be able to use a DVD drive...oh well lol
  8. You kind of need to figure out your plan before you decide to mod or decide to buy. However, the decision of both relies on the answer for the other.
  9. You could always start with a good kit. I'm running my i5 750 at 4ghz on the Swiftech Edge 220 kit, so it's a 220 rad with MCP35x pump and a res on top, and my max CPU temp in max stress (Intel Burn Test/LinX) is low 60s like 63C. In regular usage though, even video transcoding with all 4 cores going hard, it stays in low 50s. I also have all my fans at only 1300rpm so it's very quiet.
  10. Swiftech makes some great starter kits that can easily be expanded to much larger loops, which I wouldn't do with a Rasa kit.
  11. Well heres my train of thought... I rather get something solid to start because of the massive uncertainty I have with the case. So worst case scenerio I can do the XSPC pump/res with the 200mm phobya rad and 140mm rad to tackle the CPU with the koolance or heatkiller block. Since I know this will physically work. So res/pump>200mm rad > cpu block > 140 rad > res/pump. I guess I can go with something like that for now and see how close I get to 5 Ghz or if I get there and dont like the temps I can than make the call to get creative. Than if the temps are too high I can mod the case to do a 120x2 or x3 in a cube formation and mod the case OR just do one of those 140x2 externals onto the back of the case if needed. And again repeat this process of upgrading if I do water cool the GPU's

    Because again I can't find one example of someone with my case water cooling it which is why im being overly cautious
  12. Running the 200mm with your CPU alone would suffice. A 200mm is almost the equivalent to a 3x120 of the same thickness. They are very similar in overall L x W area (given H is similar).
  13. Well as you said I should over rad and tossing in the 140mm wouldnt hurt things
  14. This is true...if you have the budget for it, the worst thing that would happen is you'd only see similar results as the 200mm alone. Rads don't impact flow, so rads are the best way to improve delta.
  15. I also figured I could chop the top off this bad boy if I really wanted too but only if needed :P

    So I guess ill go with the 200mm for now.

    But would like some debate on the first two pump/res i seletced really curious if anyone has an opinion one way or another
  16. I own a D5/MCP655. Great pump, but so is the MCP35x; pretty much the same ballpark when it comes to flow, head pressure and performance. MCP355 is also a great consideration.
  17. Really stupid question rubix... As far as the distilled water goes.. I can buy even normal distilled water from the grocery store right? (No i dont mean bottled water but something thats actually labeled as distilled right?)
  18. Yeah, that's all we do. It's like $1 a gallon or close to it. That's all you need- nothing fancy.
  19. Just makin sure lol also learned I could do 140x2 on the top and bottom of case granted I would prob need a modular PSU to get the bottom to work. So got the cart ready just waiting on the paycheck :D total damage for the first wave of stuff was only 420 bucks (granted paying 30 for express shipping due to my lack of patience lol)

    And thanks for all you do Rubix im sure ill be bugging you more shortly :)
  20. No problem, that's why I'm on here- to try and help.
  21. We need more guys like you on here you seem to be the only highly knowledgeable guy on these forums for this subject.
  22. He's in charge of the WC forum subsection, so he'd better be!

    But yes, his knowledge in the subject is vast beyond measure ;)
  23. Uploaded the cable management job. Really considering buying a new PSU to be modular though hard to want to do with such a good PSU already though :(
  24. I am by no means an expert- just have done a lot of reading, learning and been watercooling for 9 or so years. There are a lot of people out there that have a lot more knowledge than I do...trust me on this. A lot changes, but a lot stays the same. Like I said, I just try to help. If I don't know the answer, I'll try to find one. If I'm wrong, I'll admit it. It's all about learning and having fun...that's why I've been doing it as long as I have...and likely will continue to do so. I appreciate the kind words, but everyone here on the forum has offered some great contributions...it's been a huge benefit to get our own subforum for watercooling- we've seen a lot more long-term members and some good work in the gallery and build logs. It's also allowed us to maintain a great camaraderie amongst new and existing members since we got everything moved and organized.
  25. I agree, and to top if off were all fans of one of the best tech websites around here at Toms :)

    Ill be taking a lot more pics once the stuff comes in and maybe do a little youtube video to show the journey of this build. I go with the mentality of go big or go home when it comes to my PC's and for to long I just didn't go all the way so I will definetly be getting this rig to showroom status and be ready for (hopefully if it happens) Desertbash 10 next year by intels lan camp. have been jealous for many years by the sweet water cooled rigs and its my time to step up and show my chops :) But I know I wont get to that level by myself! And hopefully than ill be able to pass my experiences on to our other forum folks too!
  26. Running watercooling gets you a lot of looks by typical passersby at a LAN, but where you really get interest are from other watercoolers you meet. It's kind of like when you go to a car show- everyone wants to see what you are running, how you are running it and how pretty you made it all look.
  27. Few hours until check clears and I make the purchase. have everything down.. switched the cpu block for one I think is better according to skinnelabs... But now Im debating if Ill go the XSPC X20 ( 750LPH) or the XSPC with the Alphacool VPP 655 with (1500 LPH) its a 90 dollar diff between the two... Granted I have the money for either but 750 liters per hour sounds like a lot will the 1500 make any diff in cooling :/ ugh >.<
  28. You think I can fit a 360mm radiator on the bottom if I elevate it slightly higher than the PSU?
  29. Not in this case no way
  30. rubix_1011 said:

    For color, you can go with dye if you want...this would be a better bet than coolant. Check into Mayhem's dye.

    Hmm. According to this thread http://www.realredraider.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=34562 they say that mayhem is a scammer. Thoughts?
  31. Hmm that does look really sketchy... I decided to go with the Primochill Blood red.. Granted I am getting red tubing so maybe I should switch to clear...
  32. Ignore :p
  33. I heard good things about the primochill dyes so gonna go with blood red
  34. I'm not particularly sure about Primochill's dyes but I know their tubing is top notch.
  35. Well getting the red primochill tubing too just in case lol Figured red on dark red should keep the damn thing red :P Worst case when I do the leak tests outside my comp I can see if the red tubing is enough and its not BAM dye time lol
  36. Oh, before you do anything rash and mess up your loop, look at this thread.

  37. Okay..well that saves me 11 bucks i guess I just hope the tubing is RED and not like light red/pink
  38. Primochill LRT Red. And I'm not just saying that because I like Primochill. The red is really vibrant and it's UV if you care.
  39. Well its the only really red tubing that really has me convinced it wont be pink lol so its staying in thy ol shopping cart. Really hope rubix logs on t minus 1hr 30min till my check clears and I can place the order..... Would love to possibly save 90 bucks lol....
  40. First wave of purchases completed I hope to update the post with pics and build log stuff in 2-3 days !!!

    Phobya Xtreme 200mm Radiator (Silverstone / Cooler Master / Yate Loon)

    PrimoChill PrimoFlex PRO LRT Tubing 3/8" ID 1/2" OD with 1/16" Wall - 10ft Retail Pack - UV Red (PFLEXP10-12-R)

    IandH Dead-Water Copper Sulfate Biocidal PC Coolant Additive

    EK Supreme HF Universal CPU Liquid Cooling Block w/ LGA 2011 Hardware - Rev 3 - Acetal (Sockets 775 / 1156 / 1366 / 2011 / 939 / 940 / 754 / AM2 / AM2+ / AM3)
    Selected Options
    Select an Optional EK-LGA115x True Backplate: Ek TRUE Backplate EK-LGA115x ($6.99)

    Bitspower Ultimate G 1/4 Thread 3/8" ID x 1/2" OD Compression Fitting - Matte Black (BP-MBCPF-CC2)

    XSPC X2O 750 Dual 5.25” Bay Reservoir Pump

    Total damage with shipping was 350 next order will be finish paying off my SWTOR collectors edition pre-order :P than will grab our new 1200watt antec PSU thats 100% modular along with my 16gbs of g.skill ripjaws X 2133mhz ram
  41. Good luck with your build. Can tell its going to be badass. One of the first WC rigs in a Storm Trooper if I'm correct.

    I myself am getting ready to pull the trigger on the first wave of my personal WC setup. :p
  42. Mayhems is a POS scammer, eh?

    Well, I'll be damned. I remember him posting on here a long time ago about some of their nanoparticle coolant. Dude never did say anything or even provide information on what they were trying to sell.

    No more promoting his stuff- I've never used it, but then again, I've seen a lot from RedRaider on a lot of posts...he might be pretty short-fused, but he doesn't BS people.
  43. And yeah Sushi I think im one of the front guys WCing a Storm trooper hence why this has been so difficult. But after going through everything I think I have my battle plan ready and will hop I do this new line of cases proud!
  44. The CM Storm looks really nice.

    Hey, if WCing wasn't difficult, why the heck would we do it? ;)
  45. Take your time and figure out what works the best. Some of the best looking installs come where most people have deemed it too difficult to do so.
  46. Added my build photos this water not moving (i think) is really freakin me out
  47. Update...

    Well water must be going through it which than makes me a moron lol...

    Am done with the rig for tonight but heres the current skinny...
    4.5ghz on 1.380 (granted in windows its pulling only 1.280) QPI bumped to 1.080 So far so good minus the fact core 0 barely takes load in Prime95.... again ill worry about this later... also full load in prime is sitting at 38-40c!!!

    Oh and will need to def hit 5ghz as I am at 88f when ambient is like 80 :P
  48. Soo...you are happy so far? It seems so...update when you can.
  49. Yeah wish the XSPC 720 pump wasnt as loud as it is but ill be buying ANC headset soon so wont be an issue :P Did have some boot loop issue this morning and am back at stock speed not sure what caused it yet.... gonna get back to overclocking this bad boy :)
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