Two gigabye 8800GT have been fried?

Hello guys!

I have a little problem! Before summer i bought a Gigabyte 8800GT ultra with zalman cooler! It worked fine for 2 months! But the temps were high like 59-67C idle (not load) ??!? Then it fried!

Then i took it back to store and got a new 8800Gt ultra (gigabyte)! This card has got problems from the beginning! first it freezed when i played like CSS ! Then it restarted many times! And there was a Blue screen with memory Something error!I used it for 3 months until ! Yesterday , i listened music and suddenly the card jammed and screen went white ! The Card was Fried! I bouhgt a cheap ati Hd4550 and installed it! PS! Ati Works Very Good ! No problems!

I will take it back to store to get another one !But whats the problem , is the problem with manufacturer? Should i get another card?Like Ati or something? Cause all nvidia cards have fried in my Pc!

Sorry for my bad English! Im Estonian ;)
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  1. Ok i have an idea that it could be Power supply related. Can you post system specs please and include power supply make and model ? the wattage and or Amps on the +12v rail would be usefull info.
  2. Asus M2N-E Sli
    AMD X2 5600+
    3GB Corsair XMS2
    CODEGEN 400w (omg irw)I know its low!
    250GB Samsung HDD
    Zalman CPU cooler!(blue leds!)
  3. I would say that what im thinking fits, Basically the power supply can only just power a 8800 card and so it struggles to power it for a while then the card dies as its been damaged by the effort its been putting in pulling the power from the sub standard PSU. Now you have fitted a much lower powered ATI card its not even needing to give it extra power so its fine.
    The best card you can get for that system in my opinion is the 4670 from ATI as it also needs no extra power from the supply so should work fine.
    Its not quite the same level of card as the 8800 though. Its good for gaming at mid to high details at reasonable resolutions, depending on the game.

    Whats your monitor size and resolution and what do you play on it ? just CSS or others as well ?

  4. Monitor is 19"t and i have played GTA 4 and White Gold etc... I had no problems with GTA4!
  5. A 4670 would be ok at 19" in my opinion

  6. Just to clarify it would be ok at medium to high settings depending on the game played. but you could just get a better PSU an drefit with a 8800 if you wanted.

  7. Ok Im really Glad for youre help Mactronix! Respect! I take this card back and see whats happening!
  8. yes monument !
    i agree with mactronix...!
    d 8800 shud not be thrown away ! lol
    try d psu and rma ur card if u can !
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