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Looking for good Virus & Firewall Software now Iv typically used Norton all the time & apart from what most people tell me iv never had a problem with it but I was thinking of a change in terms of software advances I'm thinking of ESAT AVG ZONE or MacAfee or stay with Norton.
I use Windows 7 64Bit Home Edition I'm also Using two Older P4 as extra storage over a Home network as well
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  1. Avoid AVG, Mcafee and Zonealarm. Symantec products are ok, but only use the 2 most recent years worth of their consumer versions (Norton Antivirus or Internet Security 2009 or 2010). VIPRE Antivirus would be my top suggestion, and Avast is a decent solution as well.
  2. I like Panda Cloud Antivirus (I guess because I like to use cutting edge technology for my PC). It is very lightweight and tests have shown it to have very good detection rates. For a firewall, probably ZoneAlarm. Careful power users who keep UAC enabled, keep all of their programs up to date, use a browser other than IE, and preferably use McAfee's free SiteAdvisor toolbar can get away with the more lightweight and less intrusive Windows firewall.
    (BTW, I'm doing all of those on Win7 64-bit and haven't had a problem...)
  3. I personally use Avast Professional, Ad-Aware Pro, and Komodo Firewall on my system. Haven't a problem with any of them, though considering changing my AV to Nod32 or Kaspersky.
  4. I was reading a review of anti-virus software in the UK edition of Computer Shopper today. They rate Microsoft Security Essential very highly, rating it "Best budget buy". And the price ain't bad.

    I use that and the built in Windows 7 firewall (along with a firewall on my router). They work just fine for me, I've no worries about possible incompatibilities with Windows, and it doesn't cost me a penny (that's "cent" to our US cousins - your "pennies" aren't really pennies).
  5. For 64-bit Windows 7 I use Avast Home Edition with SpyBot-S&D, MalwareByte's Anti-Malware and PrevX Free.

    Avast is highly configurable and none of this has any impact on my system what so ever. But it does provide a good combination to cover all the bases.

    I also use OpenDNS.com with a free service account for my DNS service which adds an extra layer of protection.

    I use this list for OpenDNS settings. Block list 25

    For web browsing I use FireFox with the Adblock Plus Addon.
  6. Recent Norton products are quite good (unlike their older stuff). I've also tried Microsoft Security Essentials, and it is surprisingly good (and free).
  7. About 75% of the computers I am asked to fix where the problem is 100% CPU usage have either Norton or TrendMicro running.

    I'm using Zone Alarm Internet Security Suite at the office (lost count on installed seats) and at home (12 boxes) since it came out as a suite w/o a single issue ever ....just renewed site license for 4th year.

    As a backup, I use F-Prot which you can get a 5 user home site license for $29
  8. JackNaylorPE, please add my statistic for AVG Pro firewall causing 100%CPU load, I turned the firewall off and the av part still works.
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