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I recently got a HP Pavilion g6 2288ca and I want to switch the F1-F12 bindings to where instead of pressing Fn-F1-F12 to get the 'normal' binding keys its Fn-F1-F12 to get the 'Help' ,'Battery' etc.

I was looking around online and they are saying to press F10 or Esc, maybe F6 and F2 when the laptop is booting up.

I have probably rebooted my laptop 10 times and as soon as I see that Power button turn on immediently start mashing one of the buttons to see if it'll open up , and well it doesn't. I am at a loss of what to do, while playing games and having the HP Help screen pop up in another window is quite frustrating, please help.

Much appreciated,
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  1. Manual says: Starting Setup Utility (BIOS)
    To start Setup Utility (BIOS), turn on or restart the computer, quickly press esc, and then press f10.
    Don't wait for the power button. Press the power button and then esc frequently.
  2. Ah! I see! Thankyou very much for a more well explained answer. :)
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